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Drawing a Diagram by Rosemary Badcoe

Drawing a Diagram, Rosemary Badcoe's first poetry collection, is available from Amazon US , Amazon UK, and available to purchase directly from me. It is published by Kelsay Books.

If you’d like a copy in the UK, it’s £10 including p&p (£9 if I can drop it off to you personally). Let me know if you want me to sign it!

If you use paypal you can pay directly and easily via and send me an email. If you don’t like paypal, drop me an email and we’ll arrange something – cheques, cash and barter are all possible. See below for full book contents.

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I The Wiring PlanOn the Movements of BodiesTimepiecesCuriosityA rainbow is not an object and cannot be physically approachedShooting the BreezeRemotenessSETIThe International Celestial Reference FrameBatsEarth-boundArm’s LengthThe Star Goat Reaches for the Earth Last Fig TreeSoundingsMarsIt Must be ScienceMy Arguments
II The Director’s CutPlease HoldExtended VersionDialogue ICottongrassMollCarpentry at MidnightRomancesDialogue IIAuto-EkphrasisAppropriationWhitby GothicDialogue IIINocturne for SuburbiaLuckElementary Catastrophe TheoryIdealThe MinoansDisclaimer
III The Last ActHappy EnoughRipenessAftershockPreservingOrigami’dRemind MeWakeInkedFall of the CardsOne DownJumperTollund WomanDrowning Doesn’t Look Like DrowningWaltzing Without MusicBoardingAdriftStasisThe One That Got AwayThe Last Act

Millstone Grit, edited by Rosemary Badcoe, Noel Williams and Carolyn Waudby

Millstone Grit is a poetry anthology produced in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University’s Catalyst Festival 2016. It features poetry from thirty-six writers connected to the university, including poets shortlisted for the Forward and T.S. Eliot prizes in 2016. “This anthology succeeds from first to last; I could have taken any of the poems for mention in this review. It’s a fine showcase for Sheffield Hallam University’s writers.” D.A.Prince, review in Antiphon issue 21. We have a few copies left at £5 each - contact me as above.

Out of Breath and Point me at the Stars

Noel Williams has a number of books available, including his first collection from March 2014, Out of Breath with Cinnamon Press and from January, 2018, the pamphlet Point me at the stars, Indigo Dreams: