Editorial Note


Well, here we are at Issue number 8, which means Antiphon is now two years old. Like all toddlers, it’s a bit of a handful, and a great deal of work, and you wonder sometimes if you really did the right thing when you decided on offspring. However, the smiles are worth the tears, and the unexpected delights more than compensate for the occasional hair-tearing.
It seems our brain-child is now standing on its own two feet, with its own identity, demands, personality and perils. Antiphon is noticed in the poetry world: we’ve plaudits in several places we’re proud of and hopeful poets seem to come to us from links and recommendations which make us feel that we’re getting it right.

Issue 8 is a return to our usual format, after the excesses of the special Issue 7. We’re particularly pleased to be able to feature an interview by Sally Goldsmith, promoting her new book, and the “Interval” in this issue is bigger, with some longer pieces, than in any previous issue. The four Acts of poetry that we pride ourselves on are as usual: a mix of voices, a mix of subject, well crafted and well imagined pieces, some of them a little strange, some of them mainstream, some easily understood, some more testing, some sensual, some intellectual. We like the idea of different kinds of poetry playing off one another, yet each with its own power and quality, and that’s what Issue 8 offers. Whether it’s our best issue yet, only you can decide. Perhaps you’d like to let us know.

Noel Williams



Images in this issue are taken from 'Examples of Chinese Ornamentation' by Owen Jones, published in 1867 by S & T Gilbert, London. Selected images are scanned and in the public domain via Wikimedia Commons. Full examples of the plates used are available via http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AOwen_Jones_-_Examples_of_Chinese_Ornament_-_1867_-_plate_001.png