Issue 10

Winter 2014


With Me, Please

Dance with me now in that silky jazz
sway of kelp skin in the neap tide,

sing in the heron’s lift
over a squash patch of bees,

thumb my waist, buffalo drum
bobbing with the dipper,

brush bones on the patina of cymbals,
a flutter bronze of aspen.

Lift our capo pitch of thrill
in sinews of our longing legs,

share moss echos
from my brass bell’s gong

slide to the bass in the worms’ work
song of soothsayers

glide last night’s dream notes
plotted in splatter of stars

as moon flutes charm the flesh
lapped in fate’s dark lake.

Our hum shuts the sun
down on the Pacific rim

to tease the east’s rising hymn
of the chorus wash of gulls

and listen – a xylophone of waves
on the sandbars of rib to rib,

cheek to cheek.


Tricia Knoll