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Autumn 2014 Issue Thirteen is now live!


 New! Antiphon is now available as a pdf to download and print!


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Antiphon on-line poetry magazine is dedicated to publishing the best in contemporary poetry from new and established poets.  We also publish reviews of new books and pamphlets from the major publishers and small presses, and articles about aspects of poetry. We welcome submissions from all poets dedicated to producing exciting, musical poetry – see right for current submission guidelines.

Proud to publish Harriet Tarlo, Ann Sansom, Alison Brackenbury, Pippa Little, Helen Mort,
Jan Fortune, Conor O’Callaghan and many excellent new poets.

Over 2000 readers per issue: please join us!


    Issue One, Autumn 2011   

    Issue Two, Winter 2012 

    Issue Three, Spring 2012

    Issue Four,Summer 2012

    Issue Five, Autumn 2012

    Issue Six, Winter 2013

    Issue Seven (Sheffield Poetry Festival),
              Spring 2013

    Issue Eight, Summer 2013

    Issue Nine, Autumn 2013

    Issue Ten, Winter 2014

    Issue Eleven, Spring 2014

    Issue Twelve, Summer 2014


Call for Submissions

**Submit by 28th February 2015 for Issue 14!**

New submissions will now be considered for issue 14. Please read the guidelines under 'Submissions' for details.

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 Ros: "That's it - pale sky before dawn, a man standing on his saddle to bang on the shutters - shouts - What's all the row about?! Clear off! - but then he called our names. You remember that - this man woke us up."
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead - Tom Stoppard

"diverse and high quality... Antiphon, accomplished and ambitious, is well worth your time."    
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